Saturday, 12 November 2016

October: Monthly Favourites

Apologies for the slightly late upload - I have been so busy with work these last few weeks! As a result, this month almost solely features media recommendations (particularly music) from being so overloaded with work so...enjoy!

'Blonde' by Frank Ocean

I had heard a few people talking about this album when it first came out, but I didn't get a chance to fully listen to it until it cropped up on the 'Spotify + Chill' playlist (cringey, I know). It is safe to say that I am absolutely in love with 'Blonde'; it is such a peculiar yet calm R&B album, and perfect for listening to in the background whilst I am doing work.
Favourite track: Solo

Sean McLoughlin / jacksepticeye

Image result for sean mcloughlin jacksepticeyeI have been subscribed to Jack for around a year now, but it is only the last couple of months that I have become fully addicted. He provides such humorous and interesting commentary alongside his game plays, and his infrequent vlogs provide a chance to see his down to earth and genuine self. There is not a YouTuber I know who gives such dedication to his work, particularly with interacting with his community.


Image result for undertaleAdmittedly, I didn't actually play this game...I watched jacksepticeye play it! However, that didn't stop me from completely falling in love with it. 'Undertale' is sheer perfection in every form. The pixel style is simplistic yet effective, and the music is so quirky. I absolutely adored the plot line from start to finish, and every character had such depth to them; I would 100% recommend playing this game if you're into complex story lines.

'The Beautiful Game' by Vulfpeck

I was unaware of any new material that would be coming from Vulfpeck, so when I saw 'The Beautiful Game' had dropped last month I was ecstatic. Vulfpeck's music fills me with an absolutely indescribable joy; it's raw, it's catchy, and most of all it's FUNKY. Throughout this whole album I just want to groove. I'm aware I sound like a middle-aged man, but there are no other words for it. Vulfpeck definitely need more recognition, so if you're in the mood for groove, 100% check these dudes out!
Favourite track: 1 for 1, DiMaggio 

PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator

Image result for pewdiepie tuber simulatorPewDiePie's Tuber Simulator was released at the very end of the September, naturally meaning I was absolutely obsessed with this game for the next few weeks. Unlike his last platform based game, Tuber Simulator is a very casual game in which you gain subscribers and views from videos in order to buy new gear for your room. It's simplistic, but it's neat for killing a few minutes, and the online competitions are fun and creative. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new game!

Pumpkin - bath bomb from Lush

After watching numerous YouTube videos on Lush hauls, I was dying for something from their Halloween collection. The Pumpkin bath bomb stood out to me most from its beautiful cinnamon smell, and the bath it created completely encapsulated autumn. In addition, it left the bath a bright orange colour which got me in the Halloween mode! I'll definitely be buying this bath bomb again if they bring it back next year!

'Halloway' by Tessa Violet

Over the past month, Tessa has been releasing music/lyric videos from her latest E.P. 'Halloway', and I have loved every single one of them. Tessa's voice is so incredibly unique, making every track so soft and gentle yet catchy and memorable; furthermore, each song has its own aura around it, whether it be ethereal or ebullient. This is definitely a listen for a rainy day or a long car journey!
Favourite track: Not over You

And that about wraps it up for last month! I hope you enjoyed reading and perhaps found something new to indulge in yourself ☺


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